What Are Superfoods?

Here’s Top 10 Superfoods For Super Health

Did you know that the food you eat determines how you look, feel and even how healthy
your body is? I know you must have come across the word superfoods in various
dietary discussions. What are superfoods and what classifies a food as a superfood? In
this article, you are going to get a deeper insight on superfoods and find the top ten
superfoods to add in your diet list.

What Are Superfoods?
There is no official scientific definition of superfoods since superfoods do not have their
own food group. To date, there is no criteria used to determine which foods are
superfoods. Actually, superfood is a kind of a marketing term that classifies food that
are nutrient packed. These are foods with many health benefits. Superfoods are mostly
plant-based though they are also found in form of some fish and dairy products.
Superfoods are essential for good health. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that the
body needs for proper functioning. Consuming a variety of nutritious foods and in the
right quantities is one of the healthiest lifestyles recommended for everyone, every day.

What Qualifies A Food As A Superfood?
Any food can be classified as a superfood if it has been found to contain a high
concentration of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, good fats, antioxidants, healthy
enzymes along with other healthy properties that are responsible for preventing,
treating and lowering the risks of various health challenges and diseases. The Cancer
Research UK declares that superfoods can help prevent cancer.
By saying that a food is a superfood does not mean that it should be taken in limited
quantities but you only need to be cautious of the amounts you take in order to control

and maintain a healthy weight gain. Research studies show that eating plenty of plant-
based diet along with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables together with whole grains
and healthy animal products makes an idea diet for everyone.

Top 10 Superfoods To Add In Your Diet List Today.
Superfoods are just the common foods that are highly affordable and available for
everyone. I thought it is good you know some of the top superfoods you should think
about. You will be amazed to know that they are the foods that you know so well, only
that you never knew that they are such nutri-packed.
Carrots are good for improved vision. Carrots contain beta carotene which aids the
conversion of vitamin A in the body boosting eyesight. The beta carotenes found in
carrots helps the body to fight cancer.
Blue berries are rich in essential vitamins, fibre and various phytochemicals like
flavonoids that are known to reduce the risk of heart challenges, especially in women.
These properties found in blueberries are also found in other berries like strawberry
and cranberry.
Compared to many fruits and vegetables, kales contain more antioxidants. Kales are also
rich in calcium, iron and fibre. In order to tap the maximum benefits of kale, you can
either boil, steam, roast or even stew it. Kale together with other dark, green leafy
veggies like spinach, swiss chard, mustards and collards. Cabbage and broccoli too are
rich in vitamin A, C and K, calcium, iron and fibre. They are real superfoods.

Salmon fish and other fatty fish like sardines are rich in omega-3 oils. They help to
lower the risks of heart diseases and stroke. Mercury levels and contaminants present
in most fish should not worry you since their health benefits outweigh the risks. For
smaller fish like salmon and sardines, the mercury levels are very low compared to the
big fish like sharks and swordfish. This heart-healthy fish is protein packed and also
good for a healthy skin since it protects the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.
Oatmeal is rich in fibre and antioxidants as well as other vital nutrients needed for good
health. Oatmeal is mostly used for breakfast by many people across the globe. Oatmeal
aids proper digestion and improve the rate of metabolism. Another key benefit of
oatmeal is its ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body thus great for a healthy
Eggs are classified as superfoods due to their high levels of vital nutrients and they are
also rich and cheap sources of proteins. They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids, meaning
they are good for heart health as well as normal functioning of the body.


Nuts and seeds are superfoods that contain superior levels of healthy fats and minerals.
Since they are high in calorie levels, they need to be eaten sparingly to prevent excess
weight gain. The best thing about shelled nuts and seeds is that they are hard to crack
open and so they tend to slow you down while eating them.
Beans are superfoods that are rich in low-fat protein and low in cholesterol. They are
also rich in insoluble fibre, magnesium and folate. It has been found out that beans as
well as other legumes help to lower cholesterol levels and they are also said to lower
the risks of various cancers. Wholegrains also contain similar benefits as beans since
they are not deprived of their nutritional value. They contain the bran and the germ,
only that they contain less protein compared to beans.
Never mind the breath it leaves behind! Garlic are popularly known for their dietary
and medicinal properties. Garlic can be used to treat various health conditions like
cancer, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Garlic extracts is also essential for
treating prostate problems in men as well as yeast issues in women.
Pumpkin contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants and also rich in beta carotenes
which are converted by the body into vitamin A. this is essential for promoting good eye
health and also boosts immunity.
What’s More About Superfoods? Find Out
This article has focused on only 10 superfoods but the list is endless. I know that you
now got a clear picture of what superfoods are and you can now make a wiser health

plan to adjust your diet list today and add as many superfoods as you can in order to tap
the full benefits of the superfoods and enjoy a long healthy life.