Medical Missions – Reaching Out To The Underserved And How You Can Help


Medical Missions – Reaching Out To The Underserved And How You Can Help
Are you a health professional and you would like to get involved in medical missions
worldwide? We are a charity organisation that deals with bringing better health to the
needy communities worldwide and we do this by organising medical outreaches to
reach as many people as we can. We are looking for volunteers in both the medical and
non-medical fields. Translators are also needed during our missions to various parts of
the world.

What We Do
During our medical missions, we cover a wide range of health related tasks in various
fields like primary care, child health and immunisations, family planning, counselling,
rehabilitation, pharmacy and many more. We do a proper survey of the mission field
prior to the date so as to ensure that we fully understand the needs of that particular
community, so as to be well prepared with all the necessary expertise, equipment and
medication to thoroughly reach the underserved and make a difference in their lives.

Who We Are
We are a group of highly dedicated team of individuals from different medical and non-
medical backgrounds, committed to seeing lives changed through our medical outreach
programs to needy people throughout the world. Our main goal is to provide quality
free healthcare services and rapid response to disaster struck communities.
A major part of our work involves regular visits to nursing homes, hospices, care for the
homeless within London where we are based.

Want To Get Involved?
We invite you to join us and get involved in our soul touching medical missions in the
United Kingdom and throughout the world. For more details and information about our
medical missions, sign up to be a volunteer.